Monday’s Style section offered a skeptical review of Solange’s “True,” a seven-song EP by a performer who, despite immense buzz, remains best known as the younger sister of Beyonce Knowles.

Solange offers flimsy-but-fine ‘True’

“It’s an incubator, an intermission between acts,” reviewer Allison Stewart wrote. “It will either set the stage for the great Solange album to come or, 10 years from now, serve as a reminder of what could have been.”

Whichever comes next as Solange attempts to distance herself from her sister’s pop stardom, fans of the younger Knowles will have a chance to see her perform when a seven city mini-tour stops at the Black Cat on Feb. 21. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon through Ticket Alternative. Given the buzz and pop-R&B crossover potential of efforts like Knowles’s cover of the Dirty Projectors tune “Stillness is the Move,” it’s sure to sell out quickly.