Dodge City’s new two-level patio offers tables, stools and a misting system for hot summer days. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

But the coolest part may be the misting system that bartender/partner Angie Hopson set up on Wednesday night to help beat the heat. It’s a simple solution -- a garden misting hose set up in front of a large fan -- but it definitely helps cool the place down on a warm afternoon. (You may get a little moist, and the woman at the next table was worried that the moisture might make her hair frizz, but I think this is a case where the benefits outweigh the cost.) If you absolutely need to get away from the mist, you can always head for the upper deck.

The future may hold backyard cookouts -- there was a grill set up at Tuesday’s opening party -- but for now, this is just a great place to relax outdoors and sample brews from Dodge City’s excellent selection of draft craft beers. Tonight DJ Provoke spins Brazilian tunes, cumbia and moombahton while accompanied by live percussion. Dodge City never has a cover charge.

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Potted and hanging plants add touches of green to both levels.. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

Smokers don’t have to leave their beers behind when they head outside for a cigarette. Check out the sconce made from a wine bottle-sized beer. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)