Six brand-new microbreweries are set to deliver beers to thirsty Washingtonians this year, and Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Company has won the race to be first on taps around town. Optimal Wit, Monumental IPA and Porter have appeared on draft at many of the area’s better beer bars, including ChurchKey, Pizzeria Paradiso, Rustico and Galaxy Hut, as well as places you probably don’t frequent for the tap selection, such as Cafe Saint-Ex, Iron Horse and Liberty Tavern. (A full list of bars carrying Port City is available on the brewery’s Facebook page.)

It’s more than just local pride that’s causing these bars to support the nascent brewing operation, though -- the beer is pretty tasty. Take the refreshing Optimal Wit, a crisp Belgian-style white beer with a hefty amount of spice and lingering coriander. (A comparison to Allagash White wouldn’t be too far off the mark.) It’s on tap at both Bourbons right now. Once the weather starts warming up consistently, I can see myself spending some serious time with it on the Adams Morgan bar’s secluded back patio. For now, though, I can enjoy sipping a truly local beer outside of a brewpub.