Sometimes, things get weird — very weird — when artists get together: Last year’s Source Festival “Artistic Blind Dates” featured this show, called “Bunny, Bunny.” (Photo by C. Stanley Photography)

Want to see what local choreographers, playwrights, artists and composers can cook up in the off-season? You’ll find it at Source through July 3.

The fest has three main parts: Some nights feature showcases of 10-minute plays by local playwrights; on other nights, you can pop in to Source to watch one of three new full-length plays; and the most intriguing shows may be the “Artistic Blind Dates,” in which festival organizers paired three artist-types who don’t usually create together and gave them four months to — as Tim Gunn might say —make it work. So if you’re curious what wackiness can emerge from a collaboration between visual artist Matthew Mann, actor Dave Bobb (who recently starred in “Art” at Signature Theatre) and choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley, head to 14th Street on Tuesday.

As an added bonus, the festival hosts a talent show on July 1 where artists unveil their quirky talents. If nothing else, it promises to be a much less awkward version of anything you sat through (or vaguely recall performing in — we know those memories are buried deep) in middle school.