From this week's chat: Church & State fit the bill for a chatter who was looking for low-key on H Street NE. Pictured: Beba Sanchez, left, Veronica Lopez, Ben Fieselmann and Diego Tavorga enjoy drinks in the sanctuary of calm. (Evy Mages for The Washington Post)

While Sheldon Scott dished on classy eats, Vijai Nathan did what she did best and provided the comedy.

So, what did we gab about? Read on for some of the best excerpts, or just check out the full Got Plans? chat with Vijai and Sheldon right here. Then join us next Thursday at 1 p.m. for a special wine-soaked edition of Got Plans? when our special guest will be Andy Meyers, the sommelier at four-star CityZen, who will be answering everything you ever wanted to know about wine while we tackle the nightlife nitty-gritty.

Q. Hey Gurus, the boyfriend’s dad is coming into town with his new girlfriend this weekend. I would like to find something that doesn’t make dinner/drinks as awkward as it could be. I was thinking DC Improv, but it looks like it’s sold out. Any suggestions?

Alex Baldinger: You’re always taking a big risk going to see a stand-up show; you never know when the comedian is going to set his sights on your table and unleash with a torrent of (good natured) withering commentary. You can always try Riot Act if the Improv is booked.

You’re looking for dinner for four where there’s something going on to distract from the potential awkward pauses and such? I’d go for small plates, someplace like Estadio, Zaytinya or Vinoteca, where the ordering and delivery of dishes can serve as punctuation marks when things slow down.

Q. Hi, Gurus! I’m going out on H Street for my birthday Saturday night, but it’s not a neighborhood I go to frequently. We’ll be out around 10 after dinner at Atlas Room. What bars (2-3) would you recommend, starting with somewhere more low-key and ending up somewhere with some dancing? Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: With a group like that, I’d probably head to either Church and State (the “secret” craft cocktail lounge above Fruit Bat) for classic martinis in a dimly lit setting or the more raucous Queen Vic for an English pub atmosphere and hearty beers. And I’d finish up at Little Miss Whiskey’s for some dancing.

Vijai Nathan: I also like Granville Moore’s, too-- good margaritas.

Q: Hi, Gurus! My family is coming into town for Black Friday and after a marathon day of shopping around town we will be staying at the Grand Hyatt at Metro Center and need somewhere fabulous for dinner for 5 of us, preferably within walking distance. (Side note - that Saturday is also my birthday, so it can be somewhere extra special!) Last year we did the same deal and went to Oya and everyone loved it, so we want something along those lines: Slightly more special and fun than a normal dinner, but not crazy expensive. I made a reservation at Zaytinya, but the only time I could get was very late, so I’m looking for other options. Thanks!

Sheldon Scott: The Source by Wolfgang Puck is a brisk walk away (Sixth and Pennsylvania) but more than worth it! Ask for Rikka, the GM, she is awesome. And Scott Drewno, the chef, is epic!

Q. Hey GOGs! I’ll be in the Dupont Circle area on Saturday, and am looking for a (non-Starbucks) coffee place to sit and read for an hour or so. Tasty pastries are a definite plus. Thanks!

Lavanya Ramanathan: Oh, I’ve got two favorites: Dolcezza, the gelateria on Connecticut, makes fantastic coffee (it’s my Saturday coffee spot), and the best pastries ever (house-made churros!). Plus it’s adorable. If it’s too crowded, another equally awesome bet is Filter Coffeehouse, hidden away on 20th Street, also near R.