Ireland's Four Courts is among your options for Saturday. (Dayna Smith/For The Washington Post)

So we devised this St. Paddy’s FAQ, with a rundown of some of the St. Patrick’s day chatter you missed, broken into handy categories. Check out highlights and read the full transcript.

What time do the bars open?

Hi, Gurus. I’m thinking about getting a group together and heading out for the St Patrick’s Day festivities on Saturday. Since it’s the weekend, what time will most bars open? We were thinking the afternoon might be the best time to go, but what say you? And finally, who will have the best drink specials? Thanks for your help.

Fritz Hahn: The pubs I’ve talked to are getting ready for 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. openings on Saturday. That’s a looooong day of drinking ahead.

On a “normal” St. Patrick’s Day -- if there’s any such thing -- you get a series of peaks and valleys. Places open early, get packed at lunch, slow down from maybe 2 to 5, and then roar for the rest of the night. On a Saturday, though, when no one has to run back to the office in the afternoon, I’m expecting things to go full throttle all day long, with maybe a few breaks before dinner, but not much.

As for drink specials -- there aren’t really any good ones at the traditional Irish pubs. You can go to Town Tavern or McFadden’s or something for cheap drinks -- the former has $5 pitchers of green beer until 10 p.m., the latter offers 17-cent drafts until 9 a.m. and $4 Guinness from noon to 3 -- but not, say, the Dubliner or the Four Courts or any of those pubs.

I’m volunteering for the Rock & Roll Marathon on Saturday. I wonder if there are any Irish pubs serving breakfast and beer when my shift ends at 8 a.m.?

Hahn: Yep. Downtown, the Irish Channel , McFadden’s and the Dubliner will be open at 8, and Fado opens at 7.

Where can I watch March Madness while marking the sacred occasion that is St. Patrick’s Day?

Any suggestions on places in the Alexandria/Arlington area where a group of about 10 of us in our mid/late 30s can enjoy St. Pat’s and watch March Madness? My initial idea was Crystal City Sports Pub, but a couple of people didn’t want to go there. Any other options you can think of?

Fritz Hahn: If you’re looking for a pub with screens and a place that’s not going to be insanely crowded, I’d check out Daniel O’Connell’s in Old Town.

But you could skip the Irish theme altogether, too -- what about Rustico in Ballston for good beers and a couple of TVs, or the stellar wings at First Down Sports Bar ?

I want to go out for St. Patrick’s Day, but I’d like something less crazy.

Suggestions for somewhere (preferably in NW) to celebrate St Paddy’s Day with good beer that won’t be a super crazed, drunken madhouse?

Lavanya Ramanathan: Ahh, that’s going to be tough, buddy. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and when bars open at 7 a.m., drunken and crazed is kind of a given. Here’s our running list of events; you could always try earlier in the day, before people wake up. I’d suggest the P.J. Clarke’s bash, which is also a benefit that happens to be at a classy restaurant far from the traditional bar row in Dupont; and maybe the Mighty Pint or Irish Whiskey Public House . Again, I stress getting there early.

What I really want is Irish music.

If pubs are the only action, [where can I find] better, more authentic music?

Hahn: My picks would include Pennywhistle at the Old Brogue in Great Falls (worth the drive/designated driver), Garryowen at the Limerick Pub in Silver Spring, Brian Gaffney at the Irish Channel , Brendan Mulvihill at the Four Fields and Conor Malone at Duffy’s .

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