One reader was searching for a little sunshine in a glass on these dark winter days. On our list of tiki offerings? Mango Mike’s in Alexandria. (Evy Mages for The Washington Post)

Check out the highlights below, and be sure to join us Thursday at 1 p.m. when we bring in vegan advocate Erica Meier of Compassion Over Killing to chat about all the options for vegetarian and vegan dining in Washington. Submit questions for the chat here.

Taste of sunshine

Are there any tiki bars in the DC area? Or any bars that serve delicious drinks that a normal tiki bar would have available?

Lavanya Ramanathan: Oh, yes, we’re having a tiki moment, aren’t we? While there aren’t any pure tiki bars, both the Passenger and Tryst go all tiki on Tuesdays, perhaps for the alliteration alone. If you wanted the tiki vibe without the high-end classic cocktail service, there’s Mango Mike’s. And this one is kind of funny, but if anyone knows the good old Chinese restaurant Meiwah, I stumbled upon the fact that they do tiki drinks, too. I had a flaming scorpion bowl (god knows what was in it!) there recently, and not only was I the envy of the entire restaurant, I was out about $12 for enough alcohol to fell a baby elephant.

One for Dan

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about AU’s Jeff Jones Bobblehead giveaway next month?

Dan Steinberg: I’d say 3. I used to get more excited about bobblehead giveaways, but people always take the bobbleheads from my desk, so it’s kind of pointless. And no offense to Jeff, but I’m not sure he has any hugely comedic distinguishing characteristics. A Gary Williams bobblehead with a squirty sweat button would be way better.

Dating doldrums

Hi, Gurus! I have entered the world of online dating, and although I thought guys would be filled with creative ideas for first dates, most ask me to pick the bar we should go to for drinks. Assuming he might pay, I don’t want to pick something too expensive. But, on a first date I want a reason to dress up a little more than I would for a dive. And I usually meet up around 7 or later, on a weeknight. Where are some fun places I can suggest, preferably in D.C. and off the Blue/Orange lines?

Ramanathan:You can always split the difference and do a nice bar — at happy hour. I like Brasserie Beck for this (not far from Metro Center), Oyamel is a scene at which you can also do small plates if you get hungry, and Ceiba’s is great, too. Another bargain, Proof, from 5:30-7 p.m.; Poste does a nice one, too, but I’d wait til it’s a little warmer so you can sip outside. (These are CLOSER to Chinatown but easily a five-minute walk from Metro Center, so no excuses). Since online dating can mean more than one first date a week, you’re probably going to need options, huh? Here’s a handy list [of best happy hours for dates] you can refer to.

Early 2012

Any info on Wagamama? The sign now says early 2012. I thought they had given up on opening in D.C.

Ramanathan: Uh, should we all just give up on Wagamama? Some other perfectly good homegrown noodle bars are here; it’s one of the microtrends we’re seeing, in fact. Wagamama alternatives include Toki Underground; Mandu has started doing late-night Korean-style ramen (check their Facebook page for which nights they’re serving it); and for Japanese ramen, there’s the new People’s Noodle Bar pop-up, which requires you to enter a Senor Chicken. Go figure.

Shots with the Wizards

Since it’s looking like it’ll be quite a while until we get to see a “Nobody beats the Wiz” marketing campaign, we need your help making Wall & Co.’s games more tolerable. Any thoughts for a drinking game to play during Wizards broadcasts? We’d been thinking about every time Blatche hoists an ill-advised jumper but decided we want to be conscious for the second half of the games.

Steinberg: Every time the home fans boo would be one suggestion, but I’m assuming you want a game that also works on the road. Maybe every time the team gets an assist? They average 16 a game, which is second to last in the league, by a sizeable margin. I’m not saying you’d want to do a shot for every assist, but maybe a drink for every assist? Or you could do a drink for every time the announcers say something about the draft.