Todd Thrasher — shown creating a cocktail at PX, the speakeasy above Eamonn’s: A Dublin Chipper in Alexandria — plans a rockin’ bar to accompany the forthcoming Eamonn’s on Columbia Pike in Arlington.

Thrasher plans to have two cocktail menus in the 30-seat bar area: One will consist of brand-new creations -- “I don’t think we’re going to have anything from PX or [Restaurant] Eve on there,” he says -- while the other will be a list of cocktails “borrowed from my friends around the world,” Thrasher explains. The idea is to have “a blurb about the bar where it comes from and the person who created it,” as a tip of the hat to their creativity as well as well as to serve as a sort of cocktail travel guide. “When people go to other cities, they can say, ‘Oh, I’ve heard of this place or this bartender.’”

TNT will feature a square bar area with an elevated stainless steel cocktail station in the middle, almost like an island kitchen, and bartenders will work in the round. The vibe will be casual, with blasting rock and roll. “It’s what I want to listen to,” Thrasher says, laughing. “There will be a lot of Foo Fighters.”

In the meantime, Thrasher is hard at work developing the drink menu for Society Fair, the Alexandria food market, bakery, butchery, wine bar and restaurant coming to 277 South Washington St. on Dec. 5. He’s been playing with cocktails for Society Fair at Eve. One, dubbed the Onion Tart, involves onions, white rum and a piece of bacon crostini. He’s also creating a number of wine-based cocktails to go with the 30 red wines and 30 white wines on Society Fair’s by-the-glass menu.

Stay tuned for this one.