Also in Weekend:

We have our picks for the best things to do in D.C. this weekend, including two two-night festivals with local music ties, a day dedicated to the paper airplane and a new production of “Rapunzel.”

Speaking of those local music ties, even though noise-pop group Black Tambourine only had 10 recorded songs and fewer shows to their credit, their brand of melodic songs soaked in feedback and fuzz became widely praised and highly-influential. Read about their brief reunion. Also read record reviews of prolific indie band Magnetic Fields, local blues singer Cathy Ponton King, Sengalese singer Cheikh Lo, punky garage-rockers Spider Fever and rock trio Screaming Females.

Twice a month the L’Enfant Cafe gets rid of the crepes and cappucinos, shutters the blinds and puts on a full-scale cabaret, known as SpeakEasy, with a disco ball and, frequently, host Joey Arias, a drag queen icon. It’s a great reason to endure a bleary-eyed Monday.

Arias is also performing in “Arias With a Twist,” part of puppeteer Basil Twist’s eponymous festival. The show stars Arias as a wayward singer in a world filled with puppets.

For the audiophiles and lovers of eclectic and found sounds, there is the DC Listening Lounge, a group that meets to sit back and, well, listen.

Hamiltonian Gallery puts a spotlight on two up-and-coming artists, Jenny Mullins and Sarah Knobel. The exhibit is all about surface, but what’s underneath makes this a thoughtful pairing.

Get a look at the Imagination Stage’s updated take on “Rapunzel,” which recasts the title character as a teenager with a cruel curfew and lots of mama drama.

See what to expect in “Tool Is Loot,” a collaboration between New York choreographer Wally Cardona and French choreographer Jennifer Lacey that features a swan, a prince, a robot and much more.

Read our reviews of all the new movie releases, including the latest sequel to “American Pie” and the classic costume drama “Titanic” updated for 3D.