(Ken Wyner)

Minibar, chef Jose Andres’s avant-garde flagship reopened earlier this week in its new, larger location in the old Zola Wine and Kitchen space.

Andres's ThinkFoodGroup has been slowly leaking details on the new-look modernist destination, including a price for the progressive menu ($225 per), a size (more than 20 dishes) and renderings of the dining room.

Now for the first time, we are being afforded a look at some of the actual dishes Andres and his team have pioneered for the opening. And if you have been stuffing your piggy bank in anticipation, remember that the restaurant is only taking reservations over e-mail at reserve@minibarbyjoseandres.com.

Minibar’s ‘Foie Bomb.’ (Full size) (Greg Powers/Think Food Group)

Minibar’s ‘Pillow of PB&J.’ (Full size) (Greg Powers/Think Food Group)

Minibar’s beech mushroom risotto with truffles. (Full size) (Greg Powers/Think Food Group)