(Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)

Happy Hanukkah, D.C.

In honor of the Jewish festival of lights, which begins Saturday at sundown, countless potatoes will be grated, blended with onions and thrown into tubs of oil to make golden potato latkes.

DGS Delicatessen has a gourmet take on the traditional potato pancake, pictured above, serving two average-sized latkes with a dollop of creme fraiche (here’s betting your bubbe didn’t have that on her Hanukkah table) along with a side of smoked salmon for $11 at lunch, or $7 as a dinner side.

Eater DC has what must be this season’s definitive guide to potato pancake hunting in the D.C. area. Topping this year’s Latkes Heat Map is H Street’s Star and Shamrock, where you can find not only latkes ($6.50), but the Latke Madness, where three potato pancakes serve as bread in a corned beef sandwich ($12).

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