“Restrepo” film directors Sebastian Junger, left, and Tim Hetherington at the Restrepo outpost in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. Hetherington was killed Wednesday in Libya. (Tim Hetherington)

Hondros, a photographer for Getty Images, had captured images of the ongoing conflict that had appeared in the Post and other publications as recently as Wednesday.

Hetherington is remembered for his work with author Sebastian Junger on the Academy Award-nominated 2010 documentary “Restrepo,” which chronicled the day-to-day conditions under which American soldiers in Afghanistan survive.

“Like a nonfictional counterpart to “The Hurt Locker,” this documentary plunges viewers into the life of a military platoon whose mission, over the course of their year-long deployment, takes on a weirdly dual nature,” wrote Ann Hornaday in her review from July 9, 2010.

You can instantly stream “Restrepo” on Netflix or rent it using Amazon’s video service. You can also purchase the film on iTunes.

UPDATE: The National Geographic Channel will re-broadcast “Restrepo” Monday at 9 p.m.