Maggie Austin LaBaugh of Maggie Austin Cake with a three-tier ivory frill cake with sugar roses at her Alexandria studio. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

Sharing the cover is a story by Jane Black about the challenges faced by the owners of Sweetgreen, as they attempt to stick by their company’s eco-friendly philosophy while rapidly growing the business.

Jacqeline Church discusses the frustrations of dining with a significant allergy.

Tom Sietsema takes an early look at the North Gate Grill, which recently replaced the venerable Twigs in the downtown Hilton.

Banh mi-inspired sandwiches are on the menu at Bonmi, a new downtown spot profiled by Catherine Zuckerman.

In Wine, Dave McIntyre looks inside Penfold’s re-corking roadshow, an event where wine experts asses the quality of collector’s bottles for potential re-sale.

And in his Spirits column, Jason Wilson talks bitters, and why they matter so much to the construction of classic cocktails.