The walls at Jack Rose are stocked with more than 1,500 bottles of spirits. (Jonathan Newton/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Also in today’s Food section:

In Takoma D.C., right as you step off the Metro, Soupergirl is a new restaurant ideal for anyone looking for healthy takeout. A would-be comedian moved to D.C. from New York and opened this shop that Tim Carman calls “a vegan soup kitchen for the tortured soul.” He writes: “The soups (or at least the five I have sampled) share a number of characteristics: They’re all kosher, they all travel and reheat well, they’re all vegan and they’re all low, low, low on salt.”

Carman also sits down with master of modernist cooking Ferran Adria and Jose Andres, his friend and former student, to talk about Adria’s El Bulli Foundation, the creative spark and the future of Minibar.

Dave McIntyre finds that some Maryland wineries are rebuilding themselves, while the innovative Black Ankle Vineyards near Mount Airy has found immediate success.

Bonnie Benwick profiles Georgetown University student cook Bethany Imondi, who favors the Wednesday farmers market in front of Healy Hall over a trip to Safeway.