Chickens roam free at Evensong Farm. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Tens of millions of Americans will hop in their cars for the upcoming three-day weekend, so it’s a particularly appropriate time to look into Big Mac alternatives with dashboard dining experts — car chefs who take fridge leftovers withthem, to blend with fresh finds at produce stands along the way.

If it’s Wednesday (or any other day, really), it must mean there’s a new lobster roll proprietor selling his or her take on the tasty New England favorite. This week’s Good to Go takes Bonnie Benwick to BCS Barbecue in Bethesda, where she finds sandwiches — both shrimp and lobster rolls — selling like hotcakes.

Other Food highlights:

• Tom Sietsema treks to Easton to try Brasserie Brightwell.

• A Pennsylvania mill works to develop flour with a taste of history.

• Dave McIntyre takes a look at Washington’s Rieslings.

• The Spirits column focuses on liqueurs, which Jason Wilson calls “the bearded ladies of the spirits circus.” Who knew?