View photos: The striking visual appeal of the vegan pan-seared tofu at Eatonville won it a nomination for our list. See the rest of of the dishes readers called Washington’s essential vegetarian eats. (Jason Berger/The Washington Post)

Six months ago, we compiled a list of Washington’s essential dishes, using only reader recommendations to point the way. We dubbed it “40 dishes every Washingtonian must try.” A phenomenon was born.

And yet we, like our readers, fretted about what didn’t make the list. Where were the healthful dishes? What, we asked, would foodies come up with if we did it all over again, with one major (dietary) restriction? This summer, we announced, we were going meat-free. An avalanche of vegan suggestions poured forth via e-mail, on Facebook and Twitter, and via this blog.

Many readers cited dishes at restaurants that served only vegan fare. Others noted that the dishes they’d love to give a nod to — the falafel at Amsterdam Falafelshop, the Lahori choley at Ravi Kabob House, the palak chaat at Rasika — had made our previous list.

I had assumed that we vegetarians — I’m one of the tribe, having been raised on a meatless diet since birth— would come forth with a list of salads, perhaps veggie burgers. It turns out, this is what we actually eat: Brownies. Thick, carb-loaded sandwiches. Pizza. Pho. Tacos. Fried cheese. Check out these and dozens of other indulgences that drew readers’ raves in our photo gallery.

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