Might Skrillex be a FreeFest headliner this year? (Tracy A. Woodward/TWP)

I was expecting to hear some news last week once Delaware’s new Firefly Festival was over and done with. It would make sense to have some sort of agreement in place that FreeFest wouldn’t announce details of a free concert happening a short(ish) drive from a major, new, much more expensive festival. Not to mention that there will almost certainly be some lineup overlap. But a week and a half after Firefly is in the past and still nothing on the FreeFest front.

Spokespeople for I.M.P. have kept it with that single statement, while owner Seth Hurwitz has issued equally vague reassurances — “you all doubt me every year” — on the 9:30 Club message board.

We’re going to take everyone at their word and assume that FreeFest will be back for a fourth year. Based on the Merriweather Post Pavilion calendar, Sept. 8 and Sept. 22 look like the most likely potential dates, with the latter being slightly favored. The plus side of no concrete details? A chance to make more lineup predictions! So here are a few more. (And here’s the first batch of predictions from two months ago, in case you missed it.)

When there is actual news to report, we will, of course have it for you right here.

Silversun Pickups

Here’s one of those more-popular-than-you-think bands that would fit somewhere in the middle-top of a festival bill. The band’s September tour cuts off on Sept. 21, which could bring them to town the next day.


After Deadmau5 was one of last year’s headliners and Avicii headlined this spring’s Sweetlife Festival, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an electronic star near the top of the bill. One of the biggest in the world right now is Skrillex, and he would certainly appeal to the festival’s majority young audience.

Frank Ocean

Throw this one in the wishful thinking category. The 2012 breakout star who has released 2012’s best album was in town just last week for a triumphant show at 9:30 Club. He has nothing on his schedule after this weekend’s performance at Lollapalooza, so why not bring him back to the area on a much bigger stage?

Delta Spirit

Here’s one of those types of bands that turns up at FreeFest every year — a rock band but not quite an “indie” rock band (whatever that even means) that has built up a sizeable fanbase without the real benefit of tastemaker hype. A current tour has them on the East Coast with time off after Sept. 20.


In my first batch of predictions I picked the Roots because, “It’s always smart money to bet on the Roots playing at any festival.” OK Go is sort of like the local version of this.

Other guesses: M83, Miike Snow, Walk the Moon