View Photo Gallery: Washington’s architecture mixes myriad styles in a unique setting of public and private spaces. By Michael O’Sullivan and Stephanie Merry

When was the last time you looked around — really looked around — while walking the streets of Washington? If you’re like most people, you might rush from the gym to work to happy hour to home in a headphone haze, without noticing the buildings along your route.

But next time you’re out, you might consider opening your eyes to the distinctive look of D.C. It’s a city of squat structures and foreign influences, neighborhood churches and neon signs, and its aesthetic was shaped by a motley mix of styles, events, elements and people. Click through our photo essay for 25 views of the Washington cityscape that might help explain its diverse design and personality.

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• After meeting on the dance floor at a house party in Columbia Heights, Holly Bass and Jaamil Kosoko now share the stage as performers in their latest work, “Double Consciousness.”

• For their continuing Bootleg Shakespeare series, Taffety Punk is performing a first draft of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” which they’ve dubbed “Hamlet: The Bad-Ass Quarto.”

• The Fridge DC’s showcase of emerging artists, the aptly named “Fresh Produce,” has expanded this year to include film artists and visual artists alongside performers.

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