See a rare one-on-one interview with Steve Jobs at Landmark’s E Street Cinema next week. (John Gau Productions)

“I view computer science as a liberal art,” Steve Jobs told interviewer Robert Cringely in 1995, and if there’s a better way to summarize the late Apple visionary’s worldview, good luck finding it.

Jobs was speaking to Cringely for the latter’s “Triumph of the Nerds,” a television series about the birth of the personal computer, and only a small fraction of the duo’s conversation made it to air. On Nov. 16 and 17, the never-before-seen master tapes of the 70-minute interview will screen at Landmark’s E Street Cinema.

The interview shows a relaxed, charismatic Jobs at age 40, speaking about 18 months before he would make his triumphant return to the company he helped found. Sporting his favored black mock turtleneck with round glasses and a full head of side-swept, Jason Schwartzman-esque hair, Jobs reflects warmly on his first introduction to the computer, his meeting of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, his early days at the company and his vision for how to shake up the (at the time) business-centric computing world.

There aren’t many fireworks here, and parts of the conversation can be rather granular. But Apple devotees will relish the chance to see Jobs up close and at ease, a rare opportunity for someone who eschewed interviews during the peak of his career.

Watch a sample of the interview, from “Triumph of the Nerds,” below: