Also in Weekend today:

Oh wait, did you forget New Year’s Eve? Don’t worry, Fritz Hahn has all of the answers for your last-minute questions.

Looking ahead a bit, we map out the best concerts in the month of January -- from local cello-rock and African electro-hip-hop to Indian jazz and teenage punks.

Enjoy a hike near the Blue Ridge Mountains with the help of a... llama? That’s right, here’s a place where you can have a llama bring your lunch along for the journey.

See an exhibit of photography by two artists who, over the course of the year, e-mailed with each other using nothing but pictures. Titled “Conversacion,” the exchange between the artists works with a jazzlike, free-associative rhythm.

Before awards season gets going, catch up on the best movies of 2011 and read the year’s four-star reviews .