(The Washington Post)

Remember when we had two asteroid movies two months apart in 1998? Michael O’Sullivan does, and in today’s Weekend section, you’ll find his summer movie guide that examines the phenomenon of cinematic double vision that will involve the likes of Natalie Portman and Justin Timberlake in the months ahead.

Here’s the rest of what you’ll find in Friday’s Weekend section:

•Want to visit Europe this weekend? You can, kind of, when Passport D.C. kicks off with a European Union open house. That’s on our list of top picks for the weekend, along with the Virginia Gold Cup races, the debut of “A Time to Kill” at Arena Stage and the Bonnets and Bowties Kentucky Derby Party at the Willard Hotel.

•Quick spins of new recordings by Yuck; the David Mayfield Parade; Movits!; and the Twilight Singers.

•What’s your Appalachian Trail name?

•If Edward Albee wrote about a wealthy Jewish family’s attempt at bonding over a week on Nantucket, his name would be Sam Forman. “The Moscows of Nantucket,” the 34-year-old playwright’s follow-up to “The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall,” opens at Theater J on Wednesday.