Also in Weekend:

We round up the best events going on this weekend, including area theater companies getting together to create, rehearse and act a play in a day, a festival for wine and food lovers, and an event for all you audiophiles out there.

For Oscar buffs, we’ve got all the information you need to catch up on this year’s nominated short films.

Fritz Hahn takes you inside Boxcar Tavern, the latest Capitol Hill bar from Xavier Cervera, the owner of Molly Malone’s, Lola’s, Senart’s Oyster and Chop House, and the Chesapeake Room.

In fall 2010, the popular Connecticut Avenue NW burger joint Rogue States was asked to close after a building tenant sued, alleging that fumes wafted to the offices above. Now chef Raynold Mendizabal is back with a new ventilation system and a new name, Black & Orange. The internationally accented menu of burgers, however, remains unchanged.

The Founding Fathers are part of American folklore. But how much does the mythology obscure the facts? Two new exhibits focus on two of the most well-known Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. “Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello: Paradox of Liberty” looks at the contradictory nature of the third president’s pursuit of liberty while also owning slaves. “Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World” examines Franklin’s career as a printer and his indecisiveness about separating from Britain.

A character named Big Hog who spews Gertrude Stein-influenced utterances that critique our modern consumerist society? Yup, that’s the procine perspective offered in Jason Grote’s new play, “Civilization (All You Can Eat),” at Woolly Mammoth Theatre.

As always, get the latest movie reviews, including the latest Denzel Washington action flick, “Safe House,” and “W.E.,” the period film written and directed by Madonna.