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Our picks for the best of the weekend : There are festivals galore, including the Crafty Bastards art sale, Taste of Bethesda, Del Ray’s Art on the Avenue and the Cantina Cup sailboat races on the Southwest waterfront.

A look at the classy Jack Rose bar, which offers more than 1,000 whiskeys to sample. It’s not just for aficionados, though: everyone will enjoy craft cocktails, an outdoor grill and a fantastic rooftop deck

Singer Madeleine Payroux visits Strathmore to promote her new album, “Standing on the Rooftop.”

The final works of abstract painter Seth Rosenberg , who passed away in 2009, are featured in a retrospective at the McLean Project for the Arts.

To prepare for Jane Comfort and Company ’s performance at the American Dance Institute, picture Dancer Barbie, says Lisa Traiger: “The performers wear wigs, shiny skin-tone spandex tights and push-up bras to attain the look, and their stiff-legged, tiptoed walks and elbows bent just so complete the picture.”

This week’s best new film? It’s “ 50/50 ,” says critic Ann Hornaday. She hands the Joseph Gordon-Levitt flick three-and-a-half stars, saying “’50/50’ takes the hackneyed convention of illness-driven melodrama and reinvigorates it with honesty, clear-eyed compassion and unsentimental wit.”

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