The cover story of today's Weekend section looks at four buzzworthy acts -- Wye OakLa SeraAlex Winston and Tabi Bonney -- and why they're gaining the attention of listeners. Read about 'em and then go see 'em.

Here's what else you can find in Weekend:

• A look at the best events for the weekend, including a cachaca tasting, the D.C. Independent Film Festival, the return of the Washington Ballet’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-inspired collaboration with the InSeries and a good ol’ Cajun dance party.

• Reviews of new music by Nicole Atkins, OMD, Good Charlotte, Rival Schools and Say Hi.

• Is it too early for a taste of the beach? Umm, no, not when it means beach drinks, pounds of shrimp, pitchers of beer and tacos.

• The rumors are true: One of the best sandwiches in D.C. comes from the inside of a gas station. Make haste for Fast Gourmet.

• Step back in time with sixth-century Chinese Buddhist sculpture and 3-D recreations of mountain caves at the Sackler Gallery.

The big opening at the movies this weekend: “The Adjustment Bureau,” which Ann Hornaday calls “a smart, stylish thriller that melds science fiction, romance and Hitchcockian intrigue with surprising ease.”

After an 18-month hiatus, Rorschach Theatre returns with “Voices Underwater.”