Margaret Jenkins Dance Company premieres “Light Moves” at Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center on Friday. (Rapt Productions)


DC Brau’s new premiere

Boundary Stone hosts the world premiere of a truly local beer: DC Brau’s rich Penn Quarter Porter aged for six months in barrels that once held Catoctin Creek whiskey.


The Dude Fest abides

“The Big Lebowski” has little in common with “The Rocky Horror Picture show,” save for a cult fanbase that occasionally dresses in costume for screenings. The annual Dude Fest is your best chance to wear a bathrobe to the movies.


This is a comedian

Demetri Martin comes to town to present his usual variety of non sequiturs, observations and smart silliness.


Light Moves

Choreographer Margaret Jenkins unveils a new piece called “Light Moves” with media artist Naomie Kremer, composer Paul Dresher, poet Michael Palmer and live music by the Paul Dresher Ensemble.

Short notice

Laugh it up at Riot Act when some of the funniest entries from the DC Shorts Film Festival screen between live comedy acts.