Hostess may disappear, but the cupcakes remain at Birch & Barley. (Photo by Sean McCormick for The Washington Post)

So it’s understandable that the news of Hostess’s bankruptcy has Twitter in a tizzy.

But before you hustle to the nearest CVS to commandeer every last Ho Ho and Ding Dong on display, take a few deep , calming breaths. There is hope. A few restaurants around town make their own versions of Hostess’s nostalgic treats. Wagshal’s is best known for its tasty and meaty sandwiches, but the market also sells homemade Twinkies (Check out All We Can Eat for the details). Meanwhile, the stars of Birch & Barley’s dessert sampler may rotate, but the restaurant’s riff on a Hostess CupCake seems to be a mainstay.

Be forewarned, however, that with fewer of those tasty preservatives, these Hostess alternatives are not quite as reliable for your emergency stockpile.

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