We often hear from readers asking for a place to go dancing in Northern Virginia. Some wish for a space in Fairfax County but instead find themselves driving into Washington or Clarendon.

Why is that? Some of the answers can be found in a story in today’s Metro section about Fast Eddie’s. According to a 1975 ordinance, a dance floor at a licensed restaurant in Fairfax County can’t be bigger than one-eighth the size of the dining room. At most restaurants and bars, that doesn’t leave very much space for getting your groove on.

As County Zoning Administrator Eileen M. McLane says in the story, the limitation is designed to “reign in huge establishments that pass themselves off as restaurants with incidental dancing but operate as virtual nightclubs and disturb residential neighborhoods.” One of those places, apparently, was Fast Eddie’s, which, until recently, had operated more as a pool hall than a dance hall.

What do you think of the county regulating the size of dance floors, and where are your favorite places to go dancing in Fairfax County? Mine include Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern and Ned Devine’s, for a start.

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