Jamari Dumas, left, and Minho Kong, right, watch the Washington Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys at Crystal City Sports Pub on Dec. 30, 2012. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Do you remember where you watched the game the last time the Redskins hosted a playoff game? I wasn’t at FedEx Field on January 8, 2000, but the Bethesda Theatre Cafe’s huge screen was the next best thing back in those days, before HDTV and before there was a flatscreen in every man cave.

The point is, your viewing environment is integral to your recollection of big games like Sunday’s matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. Win, and you’ll always cherish the place; lose, and you might never go back. Choose wisely. Here’s where you’ll want to be Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse: Here’s the scene at the Drafthouse for last week’s win over the Dallas Cowboys. I love this place:

Cause: The Ninth Street NW “philanthropub” has some ’Skins-specific specials for Sunday, including “RG3 Dollar” beers and cocktails like the Burgundy & Gold (a gin rickey) or, for Seattle fans, a $3 Dirty Shirley.

Lou’s City Bar: Not to be outdone on the RGIII-themed drinks front, fans can down “RG $3” shooters in between $13 pitchers of Miller Lite and $19 buckets of Coors Light.


If you aren’t going to make it to FedEx, watch this Sundays @redskins playoff game here @blaguarddc #fanexperience twitter.com/blaguarddc/sta…

— The Blaguard (@blaguarddc) January 4, 2013

Crystal City Sports Pub: You would be hard-pressed to find a local watering hole with more screens than the 100-plus this sports bar packs in across its three levels. There’s even a “Club Level” with three large projection screens and sports-book-style digital information boards with stats and scores.

Penn Social: $12 pitchers of Bud Light, $4 shots of Jameson and 50 cent chicken wings? Sounds like the most fearsome three-headed monster since Griffin III-Morris-Garcon. A 30-foot projection screen ain’t bad, either.

Public Bar: With plenty of screens, beer towners, a social vibe that will keep the non-die-hards entertained, it’s the default option in the Dupont area, along with Buffalo Billiards.

BarCode:Want some brunch with your football? The L Street NW lounge will show both the Ravens-Colts game at 1 p.m. and the Redskins-Seahawks later on with a $35 bottomless mimosa brunch buffet, a live DJ (not a great choice if you want to hear play-by-play) and hookah on the patio. Are you ready for some hookah?

Penn Quarter Sports Tavern: Seahawks fans like to hang out here to watch games. You have been warned.

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