Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris carries the ball against the Cowboys during the season’s first matchup between the two longtime rivals. (Matt Strasen/AP)

You already know the drill: Redskins vs. Cowboys. FedEx Field. Sunday Night Football. Winner takes the NFC East title. Loser (probably) watches the playoffs from home.

If you already have tickets to the game, lucky you. If not, prices on StubHub are starting at a cool $220. With that in mind, odds are you’re looking for someplace to watch the game on TV. But big games call for mass communal viewing: a packed sports bar if you can’t be inside the stadium. And since every two-bit establishment with a cathode ray tube and a set of rabbit ears will be showing this thing, here are the best of the best:

Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse: Free admission, an actual movie screen, comfortable seating, table service and a hardcore fanbase brought in by the DCSkins.net blog make this the place to watch if you don’t want to be interrupted by chattering bandwagon jumpers between plays.

Penn Social: Watch the game in surround sound on a 30-foot projection screen in the bar’s downstairs game room. What’s more, there also are six 15-foot projection screens from wall to wall. Even better? $3 Jameson shots every time the Skins score a touchdown and 50-cent wings all game long.

Mister Days: With 70 televisions all (or just about all) tuned to NBC for the game, you won’t miss anything no matter where you find a spot in this reliably packed Clarendon bar. And if you’re going to the game, there’s a bus to the stadium that departs at 6 p.m.

Madam’s Organ: Want free wings during the game? Then this is your spot.

Meridian Pint: $4 pints of DC Brau and 25 percent off appetizers at the downstairs bar are a solid draw, though do I ever love the graphic, featuring Sad Tony Romo, they created for the occasion.

The Park at 14th: Crabcakes and football? Maryland has that covered. Bottle service and football, though? Now we have our answer.

Dodge City: I really like to watch big games like this one at home, but if I’m going to watch the game at a sports bar, I want it to be somewhere low-key yet passionate, like Dodge City. They’ve got a 10-foot screen, and the 13th St. Meats people will be grilling on the back patio during the game. Perfect.

Shaw’s Tavern: Drink $3 PBR Tall Boys and eat half-price pizzas during the game.

Buffalo Billiards: Because it’s there, it’s huge and you’ll be able to persuade your roommates to come along.

Blackfinn or Public Bar: Ditto. They’re obligatory, and they have beer towers.

Hill Country: But only if you’re a Cowboys fan.

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