Ali Bagheri, owner of SUNdeVICH restaurant in Washington, D.C. (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

Well, it was a total landslide: After 2,162 votes, the runaway winner was 35 percent! Taylor Gourmet was the runner-up with 18 percent, while the Italian Store finished third with 11 percent.

It’s worth noting that there was no one-person, one-vote rule in play here. But despite having a weird name and being notoriously hard to find (it’s located in a converted garage in an alley near the Convention Center), SUNdeVICH is deserving of the honor, making globally-inspired sandwiches that are nonpareil in this town; where else will you find beef tongue, mustard and pickled vegetables on a baguette around here?

Fast Gourmet finished with just 3 percent of the vote, a shockingly-low total for a place that, despite being situated in a gas station, has won unrestrained, euphoric raves from bloggers (here, here, here and here) and food critics alike.

Also receiving write-in votes: Jetties, Cornercopia and Le Petit Corner Store (thanks @Infinite_Jests, @GarberDC and @jmansour).

Here's the full list of results:

A.M. Wine Shoppe: 3%

Booeymonger: 3%

The Butcher’s Block: 7%

Earl’s Sandwiches: 2%

Fast Gourmet: 3%

G Street Food: 1%

The Italian Store: 11%

Mangialardo and Sons: 7%

SUNdeVICH: 35%

Taylor Gourmet: 18%

Wagshal’s: 3%

Other: 7%

Total votes: 2,162

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