As Tim Craig reported in October, the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) approved 42 bars and restaurants in the District for extended hours on the night before select holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a move geared toward raising additional revenue from alcohol sales, but it also means that you have an additional two hours to reconnect with friends who are back in town for the holiday.

The list includes a mix of clubs, music venues, neighborhood bars and, yes, even Dangerously Delicious — just in case you want to pick up tomorrow’s pumpkin pie during your extra hours of debauchery.

(1)Haydee’s Restaurant

(2)Haydee’s 2000

(3)Boundary Stone Public House

(4)Old Ebbitt Grill

(5)U Street Music Hall

(6)18th Street Lounge

(7)K Street [Ed. note: It’s now called Capitale]

(8)Eye Bar/Garden of Eden

(9)Café Asia



(12)Sabor Latino

(13)Toledo Lounge

(14)Phase I of Dupont

(15)Rock N Roll Hotel

(16)Ziegfeld’s Secrets

(17)Jimmy Valentine’s

(18)Current Sushi


(20)Dangerously Delicious DC

(21)The Argonaut

(22)Jr’s Bar and Brill

(23)Dupont Italian Kitchen

(24)Cobalt/30 Degrees/Level One

(25) Bachelor’s Mill/Back Door Pub

(26)Dirty Martini Inn Bar/Dirty Bar

(27)Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

(28)Jackie Lee’s Lounge

(29)Phase I in SE



(32) Cities


(34)Opera Ultra Lounge

(35)Lima Restaurant and Lounge [Ed note: It’s now called Fujimar]





(40)Marnon Café


(42)Music and Arts Club