Win tickets to see Wayne Rooney and Manchester United by telling us about your favorite local soccer bar. (Andrew Yates/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

In order to win the pair of tickets to Saturday’s match, as well as Friday’s team practice at the stadium, we want to know where you watch your favorite foreign club’s matches, whether it’s a Saturday morning league game or a Tuesday afternoon Champions League fixture.

The D.C. area’s concentration of international soccer fans is a big reason a Champions League Final-worthy match gets staged here. Head to a D.C. United tailgate, and you’ll see supporters of clubs from Arsenal to Dinamo Zagreb mixed in among the home club’s black and red.

Even if you support the locals, it’s completely acceptable to support a club from across the pond with equal fervor. And with that fervor comes the rituals of being an international soccer fan: Waking up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and finding a local bar that carries your team’s matches. Those 7 a.m. kickoffs don’t seem like a good idea when the alarm clock rings, but anyone who has felt the thrill of victory before breakfast knows that it’s usually worth it.

Be sure to tell us why: Maybe you were at Summers in Arlington when Liverpool pulled off their stunning comeback from 0-3 against Milan in 2005. Or maybe it was Lucky Bar in 2002, when Zidane volleyed home to send your beloved Real Madrid past Bayer Leverkusen.

Send us your stories by e-mail or submit them in Thursday’s Got Plans? chat (and be sure to include your e-mail address so we can contact you — don’t worry, we won’t publish it). We’ll post the winner on Thursday afternoon.