Beginning Nov. 28, it will be easier than ever to select a suitable quaff from among the mostly French, 200-plus bottles of grape juice offered at The Wine Bar above Bistrot Lepic in Georgetown.

“We’re moving our wine list onto iPads,” says co-owner Cyrille Brenac. The restaurant is investing about $6,000 to purchase tablet computers and license software that will allow diners the chance to search for wine by vintage, grape, region and price. Pictures of labels and tasting notes will also help customers form decisions.

Brenac says he’s thrilled by the convenience of the forthcoming addition, developed by Tiare Technology. “Guests have more control. They learn on the spot.” Hopefully, he adds, “they will choose a second bottle of wine or order something more adventurous”

The venue will offer four iPads to start and eventually stock a dozen.

Why introduce the idea in the Wine Bar? “The crowd is a little bit younger” than in the dining room below, says Brenac.