Steve Rosen, Kimberly Gilbert and Jenna Sokolowski star in "Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play." (Photo by Michael Bailey/Courtesy of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company)

1. What is the name of Selma’s pet iguana on “The Simpsons”?

2. What is the mascot of the Capital City baseball team?

3. Bart asks Sideshow Bob to sing the score of which musical in an attempt to stall him in episode “Cape Feare”?

If you answered Jub-Jub, Goofball and “HMS Pinafore,” you may want to take note of a limited-time trivia night taking over Washington-area bars in a couple weeks.

In conjunction with its show “Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play,” Woolly Mammoth will team up with Trivia Kings for a pub quiz specially designed for fans of Bart, Ralph, Smithers and the rest of the crew from “The Simpsons.” The play, written by Anne Washburn (the dramatist behind “Orestes, A Tragic Romp,” which played at the Folger in 2010), follows a group of armageddon survivors. To weather post-apocalyptic doldrums, they escape into Matt Groening’s cartoon universe of yellow-skinned oddballs by recounting favorite episodes.

The specially-themed games will take place from May 21-31 at various destinations, which means you’ll have the opportunity to show off your smarts whether you live in Silver Spring (Fire Station 1) or along H Street (Star and Shamrock), in Fairfax (P. J. Skidoos) or Georgetown (Old Glory). And while a bar tab is nice, these quiz nights promise an extra special prize — tickets to the show. Here’s the scoop on participating bars.

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David Malitz contributed to the quiz portion of this report.