Americans age 55 and older are better off than their younger counterparts, according to a Gallup-Healthways survey of tens of thousands of Americans designed to measure well-being.

Of the topics that received significant coverage, economic development was far and away the leader, with 75 percent of speeches giving it substantial time.

A dollar in your pocket goes much further in the Midwest or South than New England.

Many tribes are exploring their options, but tribal leaders are concerned about the government's vague offer of cover from prosecution, possible loss of federal funding.

#DeepDream is a way to better understand how computers think. It turns out they are deranged.

A new report grades each state democracy on 22 factors related to voting access, limits on influence and how well represented residents are in state government.

The man charged with the killing of a woman in downtown San Francisco had been deported five times.

Be careful out there, America.

Washington will slash public college tuition by up to 20 percent, a flabbergasting amount. How can the state afford it?

The Supreme Court upheld citizen oversight of redistricting. That's a big deal. But not for the reasons you think.

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