Its strong, simple and distinctive design earned New Mexico's flag the highest score in a survey of flag enthusiasts.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins and Berkeley say that Connecticut’s “permit-to-purchase” law was actually a huge success for public safety.

"That the State must get its financial house in order is plain," the justices write.

Showing leadership as he criscrosses the state urging water conservation, Gov. Brown copped to some personal changes in his water use on Friday.

Arizona cut its budget to the bone. Nevada passed a $1.1 billion tax hike. Time will tell which state got it right.

Some women and their families were charged thousands after they were raped.

A ruling in favor of the challengers would disproportionately hit the South.

Starting in July, people who hog the left-lane in Indiana will face a $500 fine—even if they're traveling faster than the speed limit

After months of hinting at an about-face, Christie is officially forswearing the Common Core academic standards he welcomed into the state five years ago.

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