The (excellent) Texas Tribune has a fascinating report about the rise of Spanish-language TV in the Lone Star State.

By 2040, Texas is projected to be 55 percent Hispanic. And, while English is the first and/or only language for many Hispanics, the story is a reflection of the expanding cultural influence of the growing demographic. And Texas politicians, of course, are watching:

As Texas’ 2014 campaign season heats up, candidates looking to reach Spanish-speaking voters are taking note, seeking out stations such as Univision even when they don’t personally speak much Spanish.


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican gubernatorial hopeful, appeared in late August on Conexión Texas, a public affairs show that debuted earlier this year on Univision stations around the state. Abbott, who knows some Spanish words but is not fluent, spoke in English as Spanish subtitles appeared on the screen. He talked about being married for 32 years to a Latina, and said he sees a connection between his values and Hispanic values.

Read the whole story at the Texas Tribune.