In exactly one week, the healthcare exchanges established by President Obama’s health care law are scheduled to open. Some will be run by the states, others through a partnership and the rest will be federally operated. Some will open on time, some may not.

The Post has done a lot in preparation. How will the exchanges work? Here’s what you need to know. Is flipping out over the latest glitch more your speed? We’ve got a guide for you. Want to know which states were dragged into the system kicking and screaming and which gladly joined? Check out this graphic.

All that is to say, our colleagues have produced a lot of great stories, explainers and graphics in advance of the launch. There’s a lot to track. But we wanted to highlight one simple interactive below.

It shows which states agreed to open their own exchange, which refused and will have a federal marketplace and which will have an exchange run through a partnership. And, most importantly, it’s telling in that it displays the depth—and geography—of the disagreement over Obamacare, which the House has voted to defend dozens of times. Check it out: