A week before Americans without health insurance can begin signing up for government-run pools, the Department of Health and Human Services rolled out new data showing just how much they would have to pay (Check out what our colleagues over at WonkBlog had to say about the new report here).

The Drudge Report and the Washington Examiner spotlighted bad news: Premiums are about to spike for residents in Tennessee and Texas.

But around the country, local papers loved the news. Check out the front pages in Florida, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania, where the coverage bordered on glowing:

These are just a few examples. The White House has always had a problem communicating the lower-cost argument they’ve been making. Today, that message got onto the front pages of most of the country’s state and regional newspapers.

Then again, even ObamaCare opponents can smile today: Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Tex.) marathon speech on the Senate floor got its share of coverage too.