David Williams brings on the questions.  (Screenshot/Dallas Morning News video.)

David Williams has some surprisingly detailed policy questions, for a seventh-grader.

The 4-foot, 4-inch boy is somewhat of a regular before the Dallas City Council, the Dallas Morning News’ Scott Goldstein reports. David, who’s 12 years old, shows up every few weeks with a set of questions — and sometimes a PowerPoint, too.

In the video below, you can watch David forget but quickly remember his first question and then ask about school safety, how to keep parks clean and how budget cuts affect education. And then, he calls out some members of the council with this one: “Do you feel it is acceptable for City Council members to be up and walking while their constituents are addressing them?”

Watch the video below and then read the profile about how Williams has overcome serious health problems and trouble at home to become the precocious kid he is today.

(Note: Sorry that this video starts automatically.)