Local newspapers may be struggling, but some 1,300 are still published daily. This occasional feature surveys those newspapers’ front pages to highlight the themes and idiosyncrasies of local journalism. All images courtesy of the Newseum’s daily front-page roundup.

After two and a half weeks focused on the federal government shutdown, the media spotlight is shifting back to the rollout of the health-care law. And it’s not just an inside-the-beltway shift. Front pages from around the country on Monday feature stories on the politics of and problems with the rollout of the health-care exchanges, often based on the same handful of wire reports.

Here’s a look at 11 front pages from around the country Monday.

The Star-Telegram (Fort Worth)

The Star-Telegram featured two noteworthy stories: the advance of Planned Parenthood’s challenge to the state’s abortion restrictions and the extent of the health exchange Web sites’ problems.

The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.)

The paper leads with a story about a local fight between a hospital group and insurance company, but the GOP fight against the Affordable Care Act also had a home on the front page.

The Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa)

The paper leads with its a local take on health-care exchanges: a local study that shows most people will need help navigating them.

The Modesto Bee (Modesto, Calif.)

Weather and shutdown politics conspire against Yosemite’s tourist towns, according to The Modesto Bee.

The Daily Camera (Boulder)

Some Colorado researchers are relieved that the shutdown only delayed, rather than canceled, their Antarctic research.

The Houston Chronicle (Houston)

Not every newspaper was focused on federal news. The Houston Chronicle led with the advancing fight over the state’s abortion laws.

The Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine)

Like many newspapers around the country, the health-care law rollout and the GOP’s plans to attack was the main story. (Disclaimer: The Sun Journal is the hometown newspaper of the town in which my alma mater, Bates College, is located.)

La Opinion (Los Angeles)

The Spanish-language newspaper’s front page featured a national political story of a different stripe, noting record deportations under President Obama who the paper calls the “deporter in chief.”

The Star-Ledger (Newark)

The Star-Ledger leads with big news for the state’s gay community: the state’s first same-sex marriages.

The Boston Herald (Boston)

The Boston Herald leads with dual analyses on the shutdown’s political fallout.

The Courier-Journal (Louisville)

The Kentucky paper leads with a local story on the state’s school districts bumping up against property tax limits in an effort to raise funds.  But there was still room for, you guessed it, the health-care exchange rollout.