Three weeks into the ObamaCare experiment, the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services has refused to release data showing how many people have enrolled in health care plans through the federal marketplace. The administration says 476,000 applications have been started, but they pointedly won’t reveal how many have been completed, or how many have translated into actual enrollments.

But states running their own exchanges are dropping hints. In some cases, their numbers are encouraging for suppoorters of the Affordable Care Act — more than 54,000 Washington State residents and more than 40,000 New Yorkers have had their applications processed in just the first few weeks. In other states, the numbers aren’t as good: Just 226 applications were processed in Colorado during ObamaCare’s first two weeks.

Our colleague Sarah Kliff is keeping track of state-by-state reports on the number of accounts created and applications processed. Bookmark this page, she’ll be updating the numbers as they come in.