Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in 2010. (Credit: Melina Mara/The Washington Post.)

Florida’s former Republican governor Charlie Crist wants his old job back, but this time he wants to run the state from across the aisle.

Crist turned in the initial filing of his campaign  Friday afternoon, according to a Florida Division of Elections document posted online.

“The past few years have been tough,” he says in a video uploaded last Friday and embedded on charliecrist.com. “Government on the fringes, donors in politics, above you the people. You’ve seen the attacks.”

In the video, Crist cites attacks against health care, women and doctors, public schools, teachers, college affordability and casting votes and invites visitors to share comments on how he “can help,” but does not mention a campaign.

Crist announced in 2010 that rather than run for reelection as governor, he would run in the statewide Senate election as an independent. Ultimately, he lost to current Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R). Late last year, he officially joined the Democratic Party. If he becomes the party’s nominee, he will take on Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott.