Terry McAuliffe (AP Photo/Elise Amendola);  Ken Cuccinelli (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) said Saturday that Terry McAuliffe, his Democratic opponent in the race for governor, “brought plenty of chutzpah from New York” with him when he moved to the commonwealth.

At a get-out-the-vote rally alongside Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), Cuccinelli said McAuliffe’s campaign — which has vastly outspent Cuccinelli’s on television advertisements — was misleading voters about Cuccinelli’s record.

“He hasn’t run one ad since the summer or in the autumn about anything except what an apparently terrible human being I’m supposed to be,” Cuccinelli said of the McAuliffe ads. “I shaved my horns just for you all. They’ve been lying through their teeth. I’ll tell you, he brought plenty of chutzpah from New York with him. Never seen anything like it.”

He then asked the crowd of Republican activists: “We have something to fight for. Can you name one thing that Terry McAuliffe has said that he’s going to do for you in the next four years that he’s explained?”

One woman yelled, “Raise taxes!”

“For you, not to you,” Cuccinelli joked.

McAuliffe was born in Syracuse, N.Y., in 1957. In his first ad in the gubernatorial campaign, McAuliffe made a point of saying that he and his wife, Dorothy, “have lived in Virginia for over 20 years, and here we’ve raised five children of our own.”

Saturday wasn’t the first time Cuccinelli used the word “chutzpah” on the campaign trail. In a press release Thursday, Cuccinelli said that President Obama “had the chutzpah to accuse his critics” of making “misleading” statements over the Affordable Care Act.