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The 18 states that cut taxes in 2013

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman, left, hopes to cut taxes further next year (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Governors and legislators in 18 states will be able to claim credit for cutting billions of dollars in taxes heading into an election year, according to a new report.

The report, from the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, catalogues the tax-cutting states, which stretch from Alaska to Florida. The bulk of those states — 13 of the 18 — have both Republican governors and Republican legislatures. A 14th, Nebraska, technically has a non-partisan unicameral legislature, though conservatives dominate the chamber.

Democratic governors of Montana and Arkansas signed tax-cut packages, while Democratic legislative chambers in Iowa and New Mexico passed their own tax cuts.

Here’s where states cut taxes in 2013:

State Type of Tax Estimated relief* Source:
Alaska Oil tax $750 million
Arkansas Personal income tax $160 million Arkansas News Bureau
Florida Manufacturing sales and use tax $115 million WLRN
Idaho Personal property tax $20 million StateImpact
Indiana Personal and corporate income tax, inheritance tax $1.1 billion National Review
Iowa Property tax, personal income tax $4.4 billion Cedar Rapids Gazette
Kansas Personal income tax, sales tax $3.8 billion Kansas City Star
Mississippi Energy sales tax $6 million Associated Press
Montana Personal property tax $100 million Legislative News Service
Nebraska AMT, capital gains tax $7.8 million**
New Mexico Corporate income tax $55 million Citizens for Tax Justice
North Carolina Personal and corporate income tax, inheritance tax, others $500 million CNN Money
North Dakota Property tax $1.1 billion WDAY
Ohio Personal income, small business $2.7 billion Ohio Department of Taxation [pdf]
Oklahoma Personal income tax $237 million The Oklahoman
Tennessee Sales tax $164 million Chattanooga Times Free Press
Texas Margins tax $1 billion Reuters
Wisconsin Personal income tax $650 million Associated Press

* Note: States estimate the impact of tax cuts over different budget cycles, some in one-year segments, others over two-, three- or five-year periods.

** Nebraska’s Department of Revenue estimated the AMT cut will have a $7.8 million fiscal impact in FY 2014-2015.

Several other states are expected to revisit their tax codes when legislative sessions kick off next year. In Nebraska, Gov. Dave Heineman (R) pursued a more aggressive tax-cutting agenda, but legislators couldn’t come to an agreement this year.