A lot of ink has been spilled on the troubled rollout of the president’s landmark health-care law, but contextualizing it has been difficult (if not downright confusing). Earlier this week, our graphics department colleague Kennedy Elliott put together an easy-to-read table documenting how Obamacare has fared in each state, so we thought we’d make some charts. All data is as of Nov. 2. Check out the charts below.

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*The pending/other data were unavailable for the states listed below. There was no data for D.C. and Massachusetts.

State Eligible for a marketplace plan Eligible for Medicaid/CHIP
Oregon 190 425
New Mexico 4,249 3,552
Maryland 3,498 5,923
Connecticut 12,325 6,490
New York 134,897 23,902
Washington 129,863 23,584