Will Ferrell co-hosts the local television news as Ron Burgundy on North Dakota’s KXMB station. (Screengrab.)

You wouldn’t be blamed if you missed Will Ferrell blur the line between parody and reality this weekend. It was Saturday night, after all. And it was a local news broadcast in one of America’s least populated states.

Viewers had no idea that the comedian would co-host the local television news on North Dakota’s KXMB TV as his iconic movie character Ron Burgundy, part of a promotion for the upcoming sequel to the cult classic movie “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.”

Ferrell agreed to play it straight, mostly. He joked about the weatherman’s weight loss, creeped on screen as his co-host presented the news, mispronounced S’mores, flirted with his co-host and joked about moustaches. He did say “Stay classy, Bismarck,” just not on-screen. KXMB posted the full 30-minute broadcast, as well as a 3-minute highlight reel. Check it out: