For all the talk of a post-racial America, critical differences still persist among races and ethnicities. Lifespan, wealth, employment and education continue to vary greatly by race and so, too, does where we live. In big cities buzzing with people of all backgrounds, the self-segregation can seem virtually nonexistent. But look at where people live on a map, and the divisions are often starkly clear.

Demographic researcher Dustin Cable over at the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service recently put together an incredible visualization that does just that. His racial map — which contains one dot for every American, based on 2010 Census data — shows how the nation self-segregates. We pulled out 10 big cities from the map and reproduced them below, without labels. Can you guess which is which? (Note: If you feel the image is too small, click on it for a larger version. Good luck.)

(Credit where due: GovBeat’s Reid Wilson pulled the images for this quiz and The Post’s Masuma Ahuja compiled the quiz.)

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