An artist’s concept of the 777X. States are competing for Boeing’s business (AP Photo/The Boeing Co.)

Boeing has called Washington state home for nearly a century, but all it took was one vote from a Machinists union — declining a contract offer — to get it thinking about relocating.

Now, more than a dozen governors are courting the airline manufacturer in its search for a site to build its new 777x jets. The project could create tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity for the state that wins the work. But it will come with a price tag. Boeing has a wish list it’s been shopping around — one that includes free or very cheap land on which to build and a significant tax break.

Watch GovBeat’s Reid Wilson explain why landing the Boeing deal is so politically important to so many governors.

Bids are due for Boeing's new 777X assembly line, which will bring in thousands of jobs and billions in economic benefits. But the even greater prize for governors? Big reelection prospects. (The Washington Post)