Lesson one: Hang out with Spiderman more often. (Paul White/AP)

A proposed initiative that could land a spot on the Colorado ballot would require couples who want to get married to go through 10 hours of pre-wedding marriage education.

The measure, sponsored by a California-based group called Kids Against Divorce, is aimed at preparing couples for their new roles as spouses, the group said.

The measure mandates 20 hours of education if either the bride or the groom is getting married for a second time, the Denver Post reported. Those marrying for a third time would be required to undergo 30 hours of education.

Those whose first spouse has died would only be required to take 10 hours of education. Anyone obtaining a civil union wouldn’t be required to attend classes.

Getting on the ballot would require supporters to gather 86,105 valid signatures by Aug. 4. It’s not likely that this initiative will pass, though the group says it will push to get on the ballot in other states, too.